Saturday, 16 November 2019

You Messed Me Up.

you messed me up
you really did
i lay awake at night
trying to imagine
how could it have been

what i did wrong?
why did i meet you?
why did life put you on my path..
for you to just leave again
and leave me broken

what i am supposed to realized?
that I make mistakes?
or that i get attached too quick?

i dont regret my mistakes.
it's the best mistakes i've ever made
but that mistakes left me broken

fucked up. lost

what i am supposed to say?
i am sorry?
sorry for hoping?
sorry for feeling joy?
sorry for thinking it was good?
sorry for feeling safe under your arm?
sorry for ever sending you messages?

i am sorry for thinking it was a good idea
i am sorry i thought life was giving me a break
i am sorry for caring


  1. Don't easily say sorry to people who doesn't appreciate you . All happens for a reason . Never look back .

  2. Never feel sorry for whatever feeling you have to people :) May Allah ease everything, you will get through this c:

  3. betul.. mcm mana org tu treat kita. kita buat yg sama
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