Tuesday, 5 November 2019

Degree life is hectic. I need motivation

I need motivation. I stopped. I kemas all these books bersepah atas katil. I sighed. Degree life is hectic 😫😭 Mounting tasks to be done. Can i just give up? It seems easier tho 😂 my tangled thoughts messed up everything. Ya allah I really need some shots of motivation 😞 i went to bathroom and took an ablution. Bentang my prayer mat and did a maghrib prayer. I took a break and decided to opened up my whatsapp in case my lecturers cancel all the clases for the whole week. But hell, my lecturers said this week presentation, midterm, date line and do the forum 😑. So i decided to open up Facebook just in case Malaysia was under attack and our prime minister declare the state of emergency. What ever excuse i made to procrastinate. Yall know me HAHAHAHA. But instead, I came across this photo. I cried. I did it well back then. I survived. Why need to lose hope now? Belive in allah is forever a powerful thread. Ayte?


  1. basic, niat cari ilmu kerana Allah. buang segala macam expectations. those things don't last long. good luck with your study! i'm still doing my degree too =)

  2. Sometimes we do have the feeling to give up but don't let emotion control yourself for long period of time. Find something or someone that can make you happy or motivate you. Start to think about yourself first before you think about others. Do spend some time to rest from doing work. Probably, you can give rewards to yourself everytime you done a task. It helps me to release stress when I feel that my life is hectic.

  3. goodluck! ingat mak ayah, ingat yang diri sendiri sedang berjihad (menuntut ilmu). all the best sis! <3


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