Sunday, 15 September 2019


Sometimes I feel like the people I'm the closest to are always trying to leave me behind. fear of unknowingly being in a one sided relationships is what haunts me. 

The fear of loving someone who would not even care if you were to wake up in the morning. Emotions take over and I usually just make a fool of myself. Plunging into a deeper abyss. All want i to know is that the people I care for most in this world, feel just as passionately about a stupid fool like me. But that is a request to big to be a reality.

xoxo. bye.


  1. People always leave but fret not. Allah is always near.

  2. Sudah menjadi lumrah dunia, dalam hidup kita manusia akan datang & pergi bila sampai waktunya. Kadang-kadang yang kita takmahu tu yang akan pergi dari kita. Bertabah & redha je lah. Yang penting kita tahu, Allah tetap ada bersama kita.

  3. One sided relationship is like having someone mean so much to you, and you mean nothing to them. Sweetheart, dont let yourself be treated that way. You deserve to be loved :')


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